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I am leeg

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I am leeg

Postby leeg » Wed Aug 29, 2018 7:38 am

Hi folks,

I decided to take the opportunity to (be the first person to) introduce myself in this section of the forums, but mostly I am currently lurking, and understanding the projects on GitHub, seeing where the commits are being made and where the issues are.

My name's Graham, I've been a long time off-and-on committer to GNUstep, mostly, and currently, more off than on. I've done drive-by commits on quite a few open source projects too, including HURD and FreeBSD. I was interested in OpenDarwin back when that was a thing, but found it hard to get involved, partly as I knew a lot less back then, but partly because there wasn't as much info openly available about what they were doing and how to contribute, so thanks for having a good website and GitHub project :).

What interests me about PureDarwin is that I think macOS is a great platform but not compatible with my free software principles, and things like Linux with GNUstep (or GNOME or…) are better on principle but are not great experiences. My hope is that a macOS with more FLOSS parts can be easy to understand and improve just as it's easy to use.

Anyway, that's a lot of talking about me, I hope we talk about other PureDarwin things soon :).

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