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by bart
Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:50 am
Forum: x86_64 IOKit Driver
Topic: Kernel Extension development for macOS
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Kernel Extension development for macOS

nice how-to and infos for kext-dev.

https://www.apriorit.com/dev-blog/430-m ... evelopment


by bart
Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:43 am
Forum: x86_64 XNU Kernel
Topic: Building XNU 16.7(xnu-3789.70.16)
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Re: Building XNU 16.7(xnu-3789.70.16)

Thanks for this build guide @InSaneDarwin,

i think with this guide we help a lot of ppl who searching a kernel build Guide for 16.7 XNU Kernel.